Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A House Finch's Housing Market

It's a buyer's market for sure.

The very day that my hanging baskets were put out on the front porch, a very nice looking House Finch couple showed up. At first I was apprehensive. I know that I put the baskets out there, but am I really committed to this process? What if it's a big hassle? What if they kill my plants? However, this really is a much better looking couple than the sparrows I had last year. Mr. F. has a bright red head.

A week went by with my prospective "buyers" visiting the basket every day. They would spend the longest time in conversation about the house and the neighborhood while I anxiously peered out the window. Finally, they seem to have made a decision, but the slightest thing made them so skittish. Sometimes it was the cat sunning on the porch right under the basket. Or, possibly they had second thoughts about a home just outside my kitchen window. I wondered, "Will they get buyer's remorse?"

The yard man came yesterday to cut the grass, and made a lot of racket. I felt that I needed to go out and apologize to Mrs. Finch. What if I loose this sale? After all, there are so many other baskets out there, and it's possible that they are still looking at other locations on weekends.

Mrs. F. absolutely hates for me walk through my kitchen, never mind peering around the corner of my foyer, hoping that she won't spot me. I can't seem to do anything to please her. Her husband is very aloof. Sometimes, he just studies the situation from a nearby branch. I can't read him. Until the eggs are laid and the babies are hatched (the CLOSING DATE), I don't think I'll be able to relax.

Updates to come....

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