Monday, February 11, 2008

Historic Lawrenceville Georgia

Lawrenceville has been the county seat of Gwinnett County since the first courthouse was moved here in 1820. Still a charming and thriving city of Victorian homes, historic sites, restaurants, shops, and the newly relocated Aurora Theatre, Lawrenceville offers many ways to spend an enjoyable afternoon or evening.

After Lawrenceville was incorporated in 1821 the population began growing, and businesses relocated to the new county seat. In 1829 Lawrenceville had forty dwellings, ten stores, ten machine shops, three law offices, three doctors, one academy, one Methodist church, one Baptist church and one Presbyterian church.

In 1832 ten acres were set aside northwest of Lawrenceville for the Lawrenceville Academy. The Lawrenceville Female Seminary was incorporated by the General Assembly in 1837, and a two story brick building was erected by Daniel Killian in 1838 (now the Gwinnett History Museum). In 1893 a public school system was created in the town, and a new building was erected.

The historic courthouse was the third built on this site, completed in the 1880's, updated in 1903, and expanded in 1935. It was used until 1988 when the new Gwinnett Justice Center was built. It houses the Gwinnett County Historical Society and is used for meetings and exhibits. The City of Lawrenceville and local merchants host concerts on the green during the summer.

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